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  • 26/04/17

    The Final Stretch

    If you cast your minds back to July and your initial induction with us to Teacher Training, you may remember that we said to you that this year would be rewarding, hard work and, at times, stressful. I’m sure you’d all agree that we were pretty spot on with all three!
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  • 05/01/17


    Interviews are stressful situations. You are being judged and you will be nervous; there is no avoiding that. The head teacher wants to know exactly what you have to offer, how you will fit into their school. Why should they choose you? For some, these questions would be daunting. Fortunately, you a...
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  • 01/11/16

    Top 10 Tips for The Second Placement

    Moving to another school, even for a relatively short time, can cause anxiety. We know this; we understand it and it is perfectly normal. You have all been making excellent progress in your first half term as trainee teachers, are feeling settled and now suddenly the carpet is ripped from under your...
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  • 23/09/16

    Blog: Those whirlwind first weeks 

    As the dust begins to settle on the first fortnight in schools for our trainees of 2016/17, it’s important to reflect and take stock of where we are, what we’ve achieved and what is still to come.
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