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About Us

About Us

What is Teach East?

Teach East is a School-Centered Initial Teacher Training provider (SCITT). We offer a route into teaching that prepares you for a career in education; most of your time will be spent in schools in Peterborough learning from experienced teachers. One day each week you will attend taught sessions at our dedicated training centre at Arthur Mellows Village College and other schools across the city. Here, the best local teachers will share their expertise and knowledge with you, providing you with the theory and pedagogy you need to be a confident, accomplished teacher. 


Why choose a SCITT?

School-Centred initial teacher training allows you to spend more time in school than other training routes. You will be provided with a school-based mentor, who will guide you through your placements, demonstrating what best practice looks like and teaching alongside you to develop your skills and confidence in front of a class. Once you feel ready to teach on your own, they will support you to review and improve your practice, until you are the very best teacher you can be. 

Once a week you will go to our dedicated training facilities at a local Outstanding school. Here you will study the theory and pedagogy of the teaching you have observed. Some of the best teachers in Peterborough will provide advice and insight into proven teaching methods and current research-based practices, which you can then implement in your teaching the very next week. 


How is a SCITT different from a  PGCE? 

Both courses provide you with QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). QTS  means that you have met the statutory requirements (The Teachers’ Standards 2012) for teaching in the UK. You need QTS to be able to teach in maintained schools in the UK.

A PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) is an additional academic qualification which includes QTS. Some PGCE courses count as part of a Masters in Education course.

If you want to achieve academic qualifications whilst you complete your training year Teach East offers an optional PGCERT module. Completing the PGCERT earns you 60 masters credits and is completed alongside your QTS. To find out more about the PGCERT click here