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"The quality of trainee folders, recording and evaluative reflection is the best seen during my period of involvement. I am not sure how much better it can become."


"Teach East leaders are able to take a nuanced and strategic view of the direction of travel for the whole programme."


"The completion and quality of records by school-based mentors and subject staff is the best I have seen in these last three academic years."

David Turner 

School Improvement Advisor 


"I decided to train for my Primary QTS with Teach East and it was the best decision I made. I did not come from an educational background so taking the SCITT route meant I could learn all the necessary skills on the job! The support you receive is second to none, both from the trainers and fellow students. I was able to apply and study for my PGCert alongside training at some of the best schools in Peterborough. I can’t recommend Teach East enough! If you are looking to excel in this career, Teach East is the first step to get you there!"

Henna Majid- Teach East Trainee 2017-2018

"I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for the Teach East trainees over the last year.  The course was so well organised with a fantastic range of sessions.  When school was tough, the Friday training day at AMVC Was the light at the end of the tunnel!  You have all been friendly, professional and supportive at all times.  

I am so glad that I took the Teach East route for my training."

Sadie Boor- Teach East Trainee 2017-2018

"Teach East was my first choice when I was looking to begin my training. I’m now half way through my primary course and can see significant measurable progress with all aspects of my teaching. 

The weekly training provided by leading specialists across Peterborough is invaluable and very engaging. Not only do we receive support in the classroom with fantastic training sessions, we also get practical advice and guidance on how to secure jobs in our NQT year. 

I feel very confident and comfortable in the classroom and I am genuinely loving the course. Although teaching is a hard profession, with the in-depth training and superb support I’ve received from Teach East, I’m more than ready to take on my NQT year!"

Arthur Jones Teach East Trainee 2017- 2018


"I feel empowered and confident in my teaching ability. The mentors at Teach East is supportive and well organised. Teaching and training is not easy however it has fully prepared me for the years of teaching that I have ahead of me.

Teach East offers a wide variety of training opportunities: from secondary subject specific days in other Peterborough schools, to training days in SEN schools and behavioural units. Teach East mentors do not only teach trainees how to teach, but also how to manage workloads and look after mental wellbeing. The mentors ensure that trainees have an in-school mentor to meet with once a week to ensure they are supported and guided at a pace suitable for that individual.

The mentors at Teach East are experienced primary and secondary teachers that are still actively teaching in classrooms; their knowledge of the schools in and around Peterborough is phenomenal. The mentors are always available on email and are very active in the development from trainee to teacher. Teach East have ensured that I am fully equipped for my teaching career and I thank the mentors whole heartedly for their support and guidance throughout my training year"

Nicole Gutteridge Teach East Trainee 2017- 2018


"I chose Teach East as a training provider for a number of reasons: Great partner schools; a PGCert option with a fantastic university via UCL;  location, I knew that all my course days and school visits would be in Peterborough and finally the cohort. Teach East has a family feel to it. With only 30 trainees the course directors know each trainee well, they are able to offer experiences to suit the individual. This also means the pastoral support has been second to none. When I needed help with something in particular they would make the time to talk through the issues on a one-to-one basis and line up extra training sessions with a teacher that was particularly good in the area where I needed help. Teach East has been an ideal way to carry out my ITT training."

Rosie McTavish Teach East Trainee 2017-2018


"Teach East has opened the door to the most rewarding career imaginable.  I’ve learnt so much in a year!  Not only did the programme provide me with invaluable hands-on experience but it allowed me to work closely with teaching professionals who guided me constantly throughout the year.

Whilst it is a very busy year (visiting and teaching in different schools, weekly speakers, planning lessons, observations and all the necessary paperwork!) all of it provided me with a wealth of knowledge, experience and ideas which you just don’t get on any other course.

My mentors were all highly skilled teachers who were able to advise me in a positive and supporting manner.  This helped me to improve my practice and, at the end of it all, I achieved QTS and was successful in securing a job in Peterborough."

Adam Howlett – Teach East Graduate 2015 – 2016