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Just a few examples of what our recent cohorts had to say:

The best decision I made was choosing Teach East for my teacher training. The range of CPD offered from a wide range of speakers from across Peterborough has been exceptional. You could not ask for a better support network to see you through one of the most challenging but exciting years to prepare you for your career. I was placed in a wonderful school with an amazing mentor who worked alongside Teach East to help me develop as a teacher. I am incredibly sad to be leaving but with a huge thanks to Teach East feel prepared for my ECT years!


Teach East is an amazing training provider that offer a wide range of CPD by multiple providers. I have really enjoyed my training year with Teach East, it has been challenging but the most rewarding experience. My placement school and mentor were so supportive. I could not have asked for a better start to my teaching career.


I would recommend Teach East to everyone. The support provided is excellent from all members of staff and communication is efficient and effective. The overall structure of the course prepares you well for your future career and gives you vast amounts of experience teaching in the classroom. All staff at Teach East are involved in education and local schools meaning training and advice is current and relevant and can always be applied in your placement school setting.


After attending many teacher training programmes before Teach East, my mind was already made up, and it was almost down to Teach East having to impress me rather than the other way around.
However, they did just that and more. Despite having been accepted onto other teaching programmes, Teach East could offer something that no other provider at that time could – genuine staff that got to know you on an individual basis and support your own learning needs. Unlike larger providers, Teach East did not only provide the most up-to-date and outstanding practice, but also took into account your wellbeing and personal needs. All Friday sessions are carefully and considerably planned to ensure that they are engaging and meaningful - just as you would expect a teacher to do when delivering a lesson at school. 

If you’re still yet to make your decision on a teacher training provider, the answer is exceptionally clear. Teach East is one of the best in the area and I could not recommend it highly enough. Your training year is not easy but is made achievable and successful from the start, because of the fantastic directors, subject leads and external professional speakers.

Thomas Richardson 

Support and help from Teach East has always been excellent whatever the issue or question. The Evidence Bundle workload is manageable on top of the teaching workload  and the Friday sessions have actively helped me in my teaching. My main placement has been an excellent place to train and I am happy to have been there for long enough to develop real relationships with teachers and pupils there, and to see the long term progress of those I have been teaching.

Sam Baker 

The course has many strengths. Since getting together in July last year to begin the course together, it has been like one big family. With tonnes of support, lots of respect, and laughing.

I think it is safe to say that we have had such an enjoyable experience, of which for me, has been stress free, and enabled me to make the most of this journey towards achieving my QTS.

Friday sessions have been extremely useful, and beneficial for our learning within specific areas of the teaching profession. Subject days have allowed us to get together with our fellow subject trainees, to build supportive relationships, as well as share ideas. There has been a good balance of subject days, to Friday professional sessions; where the key speakers have been extremely informative, professional, friendly, and approachable. In addition to being experts in their field within the profession.

We have all been provided with endless support, no matter what time of day. I think I can speak for all of us to say that we have been able to be entirely true to ourselves, with the support of staff being extremely supportive and understanding, as they have guided us, and advised us in the direction of achieving our QTS.

Megan Slack-Humphrey


"I decided to train for my Primary QTS with Teach East and it was the best decision I made. I did not come from an educational background so taking the SCITT route meant I could learn all the necessary skills on the job! The support you receive is second to none, both from the trainers and fellow students. I was able to apply and study for my PGCert alongside training at some of the best schools in Peterborough. I can’t recommend Teach East enough! If you are looking to excel in this career, Teach East is the first step to get you there!"

Henna Majid


"I feel empowered and confident in my teaching ability. The mentors at Teach East is supportive and well organised. Teaching and training is not easy however it has fully prepared me for the years of teaching that I have ahead of me.

Teach East offers a wide variety of training opportunities: from secondary subject specific days in other Peterborough schools, to training days in SEN schools and behavioural units. Teach East mentors do not only teach trainees how to teach, but also how to manage workloads and look after mental wellbeing. The mentors ensure that trainees have an in-school mentor to meet with once a week to ensure they are supported and guided at a pace suitable for that individual.

The mentors at Teach East are experienced primary and secondary teachers that are still actively teaching in classrooms; their knowledge of the schools in and around Peterborough is phenomenal. The mentors are always available on email and are very active in the development from trainee to teacher. Teach East have ensured that I am fully equipped for my teaching career and I thank the mentors whole heartedly for their support and guidance throughout my training year"

Nicole Gutteridge 


"I chose Teach East as a training provider for a number of reasons: Great partner schools; a PGCert option with a fantastic university via UCL;  location, I knew that all my course days and school visits would be in Peterborough and finally the cohort. Teach East has a family feel to it. With only 30 trainees the course directors know each trainee well, they are able to offer experiences to suit the individual. This also means the pastoral support has been second to none. When I needed help with something in particular they would make the time to talk through the issues on a one-to-one basis and line up extra training sessions with a teacher that was particularly good in the area where I needed help. Teach East has been an ideal way to carry out my ITT training."

Rosie McTavish